This was a short, easy walk on well drained paths.

Parking is very limited in Cromore, but the what3words address should take you to a spot just past the road/track where this walk starts, opposite a telephone box, where you can pull into the roadside. When you leave the road is too narrow for a 3 point turn and the grass verge opposite hides soft mud that it wouldn’t be advised to put your wheels in! If you drive a few yards further on there’s a house drive entrance where you can safely manoeuvre.

The walk takes you onto the island of Eilean Chaluim Chille which is only accessible via a causeway that is safe to cross a couple of hours each side of low tide. Check the tide times before crossing or you could find yourself spending quite a while on the island!

The walk takes you to the ruins of Teampall Chaluim Chille, or St Columba’s Church. Allegedly, this is where Columban monks first arrived in Lewis. A document of 1549 describes it as the main place of worship for the parish of Lochs and there was probably a church there from the medieval period. The cemetery was in use until about 1878.

This was a lovely walk with great views in a deserted and very peaceful spot: it may be a short walk but it’s a good one and good for the soul.

We walked a little past the ruins before heading back but it wouldn’t be difficult to extend the walk further; just keep an eye on the tides!

Download file for GPS

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