To be honest this wasn’t, overall, the best walk we have ever completed. The first couple of miles followed the Hebridean Way across the peat bogs from the car park indicated by the what3words address above and that was stunning. The weather meant that the chances of spotting wildlife were close to zero but that didn’t matter. When you leave the car park a notice on the footpath informs you that the path is closed due to a damaged bridge but we risked it anyway. The bridge it refers to is about a mile-and-a-half along the track and is missing the ramp as you approach it. We managed to clamber across and climb onto the bridge without getting wet! (see photo).

We crossed the A65 and then walked just inland from the coast on an obvious track. Unfortunately, there was flooding across the track and that became increasingly difficult to negotiate, even with wellington boots, and we were eventually forced to abandon our original plan and head inland back to the A865. We walked beside the road for about three-quarters of a mile. The road isn’t busy, but  it’s the main road, single track and the traffic moves fast. We then followed the  minor road for a little over a mile back to the car park. This section, despite being on tarmac, offered great views over the loch and the peat bogs.

I feel we could have made better decisions when planning this walk and I’m sure the middle, rather dreary, section could be a better experience!

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