A short, leisurely walk at RSPB Loch Gruinart.

The w3w address takes you to the car park which is just off a side road from the B8087. The turn into the side road is opposite the RSPB centre and you might want to visit here first.

There are two different walks from here. They are very short and so we walked them both as one. There’s a footpath just north of the car park, beside a small cottage, that takes you onto the moorland. We saw few birds on the day we visited, but the weather was good and the views were lovely. Having looped back onto the minor road we turned left along the road and then shortly right onto another signposted footpath. This leads through woodland and then onto the reed beds beside the loch. We stopped at both hides that overlook the water, but the birds were keeping a low profile. Possibly because there were a couple of RSPB staff cutting vegetation with petrol powered brush cutters at the southern hide! Has to be done …

This was a very pleasant walk; easy going and, maybe on another day, there would have been more to see from the hides.

Download file for GPS

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