There is a small car park in the centre of Kilburn beside the pub (the Forresters Arms) and the church. It is the village car park and free, but there is an honesty box for donations.

Kilburn is a beautiful village in North Yorkshire close to Sutton Bank and the  Kilburn White Horse with lots of walking possibilities close by. It is also home to the workshops of Robert Thompson (the ‘mouseman’) and the visitor centre and showrooms are worth a visit. There is also a cafe in the visitor centre.

Well marked footpaths lead from the church yard to Oldstead and then on to Byland Abbey (English Heritage: free entry, limited parking) which is well worth visiting. There is also a pub opposite the abbey if you need some refreshments.

From the road just north of the abbey a footpath leads past Abbey House towards Wass and then west on a track over the hill and through Abbey Bank Wood before emerging into open land with nice views. From Cam Farm a few footpaths lead back towards Oldstead where we then retraced our steps back to Kilburn.

This was a very pleasant walk in a beautiful part of Yorkshire.

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