There is a free car park at Barrington Court (at least, it was free when we  parked there in March!) and the what3words address will take you to it; the house is a National Trust property and is well signposted.

We walked this anti-clockwise and I think that is the best option to give you the best of some great views over the Somerset Levels soon after leaving Barrington Court. We were surprised at just how expansive the views are here for very little effort in terms of gaining height. This was a lovely walk and exceeded our preconceived expectations. The route loops past Shepton Beauchamp, West Lambrook and on to Westport, north of Barrington, before turning back south.

There was a lot (a lot!) of claggy mud in a few places; most particularly on the droves on the Levels. You definitely need good boots or wellingtons. There were also a couple of places where landowners had made keeping to the route difficult; an electric fence, a padlocked gate and a track that cut across a field that had been completely ploughed away (more mud!). The latter irritation meant that we were forced to divert around the field and past the house where two dogs were running free, although a young person emerged to restrain them. Most of these irritations were close to what is identified as Lake Farm on the OS maps.

However, despite the quibbles, we enjoyed the walk very much.

There’s a cafe at Barrington Court for refreshments at the end of your walk, or the Barrington Boar pub in the village.

Download file for GPS

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