This was a gorgeous walk on a sunny, if cold and breezy, day. We parked in the small car park for Cadbury Castle and then walked up to the hill fort and walked around the ramparts before returning to the car  park and continuing past it for the remainder of our walk.  Local tradition has it that the hill fort was the site of King Arthur’s Camelot. John Leland was the first to record this theory in 1542.

The beginning and end of this walk is on country lanes, but this is well worth it for the stunning views from Cadbury Castle itself and, further on, from Corton Hill and Corton Ridge; Glastonbury Tor was visible on the horizon from Corton Ridge.

When we got to The Beacon/Corton Hill a stile leads from the road onto the hill and the path goes both left and right. We  went left and then zigzagged to the top of the ridge; it may have been more straightforward to have gone right! However, the views from the top are fabulous however you get there.

After coming off the hill into Corton Denham we detoured to the church where we stopped for lunch. There is a convenient bench at the base of the tower. There is also a pub in the village (the Queen’s Arms)  if you fancy something more substantial.

An unpaved track (Middle Ridge Lane) leads to Corton Ridge where we turned north and back towards South Cadbury. The views that open up as you arrive at the ridge are stunning.

There is also a pub in South Cadbury when you arrive back at your starting point if you feel the need for some refreshment: the Camelot (what else!).

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