We started this walk at inland at Treen, where there was ample parking at the above address.You could also start it from Porthcurno where there is another large car park (///acted.equity.extension).

For a tiny place Porthcurno has a globally important significance. It was chosen as the site where the network of undersea cables that began to be laid in the 19th Century made landfall in the UK. The first cable, in 1870, eventually stretched to India, Newer cables are still being brought through Porthcurno, except they are now fibre-optic and form the infrastructure of the Internet. There is also a small telecommunications museum here.

The beach and its setting are quite beautiful. The coastal views from the walk are stunning. And, if you have time for some culture, the Minack open air theatre sits on the cliffs overlooking Porthcurno.

Download file for GPS

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