We parked in Bayhead Road where there was some free roadside parking on the west side beside the small park.

We had a couple of spare hours in Stornoway and headed for the Woodland cafe in the grounds of Lews Castle for lunch (good choice!) and then walked some of that off with a stroll around the castle grounds. The walk was just about four miles, but that could be easily extended if you had time as there are plenty of paths and options. The walk is pretty well level and on well maintained paths. It’s a good dog walking location and we met a few of them!

We chose to head down to the river and walk along the bank. The river was in spate and it lent a feeling of wildness to an otherwise tame walk. I was surprised a little by how much I enjoyed this walk, so close to the centre of Stornoway, and the autumn colours made it memorable.

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